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A death must be registered in the district in which it has occurred. Under normal circumstances the Doctor – your GP or a hospital doctor – will issue a Doctor’s certificate giving the cause of death. This certificate is taken to the Registrar’s Office with, if possible, the deceased’s medical card and birth certificate. If the Coroner is involved and an inquest is held the coroner will release the certificate so you can register the death.

The procedure for registering a death is a simple question-and-answer interview between the registrar and the person reporting the death. The registrar will then issue a disposal certificate (Green) which needs to be given to the funeral director before burial or cremation.

Copies of the death certificate (White) may be obtained from the registrar for:

The cost of a death certificate is approx. £4.00 each. (Should a copy of the certificate be required after it has been filed, the fee is £10.00.)

Who can register a death?

Documents Required

Which will enable the registrar to cancel up to 28 different organisations and government departments on your behalf.

Information required by the registar:

Certificates (issued by the registrar):