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Cars Coffins and Order of Service


We are extremely proud of our fleet, we have modern Volvo Hearse and Limousines. The Limousines will carry six mourners, (seven if one person sits in the front with the driver).

We also offer more personalised modes of transport including a Horse drawn Carriage, Motorcycle hearse, Horse and dray, white cars, pink limousines. We will always try to provide the transport the family requests.

Pair of Volvos A horse and Cart


We have various examples of coffins and caskets available, these include the more traditional solid wood coffins for burial and creamtion and veneered coffins for cremation. Additional to these we can also supply wicker and banana leaf coffins, bespoke colourful coffins and various other types of coffins and caskets.

Order of Service

You may like to provide mourners with a personalised Order of Service. We have examples to help you with the layout and preparation of these including poems you might wish to use. We can arrange for them to be printed. We are guided by the family so that each and every Order of Service is a reflection of the life of the deceased. If you wish we can place small attendance cards on the seats for mourners to complete so that you know who was present at the funeral.