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New Graves

Whether purchasing a new grave in a churchyard or Council Cemetery fees will be incurred. These may be considerably more if the deceased or next of kin live out of the area. The funeral director will advise the family as to the nearest available cemetery and assist with the necessary paperwork.

Re-opening graves in a cemetery or graveyard

If a grave is to be re-opened in a council-owned cemetery, we will need a grave deed which is usually held by relatives. If this cannot be found, a form can be signed at our office by the owner of the grave or the nearest relative of the grave owner (if deceased). This form will allow the grave to be re-opened. The names and dates of previous interments in the grave would also be helpful if a grave deed cannot be provided. Some Council Cemeteries will require a new grave owner if the deceased was the owner. The Council will forward paperwork to enable the family to take over ownership of the existing grave.

A grave deed is not usually issued for interments in churchyards. If a grave is to be re-opened in a churchyard all we require is the name and date of death of the person already interred. The church usually hold records for the churchyard.

Cremated Remains

These can be scattered in the Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium, buried in a cremation plot (old or new) or a grave in a churchyard or cemetery They can also be collected from our office to be held by the family. Ashes are collected from the crematorium in a secure durable Poly Urn. Families may choose to purchase a more ornate urn or keepsake.

Arrangements can also be made for the placing of a memorial plaque or a notice inserted in the Book of Remembrance at most crematoriums.